Titans Fury

Phase 09
A Human Work

The following was recorded outside of an unused office, deep inside Sanguine’s Boston-02 base:

A high pitched whine cuts the air, and then, silence. A synthetically distorted voice speaking in a thick Eastern European accent begins

Speaker 1: Blackwood, we are pleased to hear that The Wrath of the Gods is no more. Excellent work.

Blackwood: Why thank you, it was nothing, really. Faust was never a really . . . sane opponent.

Speaker 1: Agreed. From the report that Dr. San Guinness has delivered to us it would appear that you are still lagging behind on the Human Transcendence Project, however.

Blackwood: As you well know with traitors in the ranks and Fury attacks I have been . . .

A distorted feminine voice interupts

Speaker 3: Be that as it may, with the Wrath of the Gods destroyed you shall have less difficulty with your assigned task and more difficulty coming up with excuses. Dr. San Guinness discovered during his captivity that only three Furies after the Fifth were summoned. That means you have a large amount of time to devote to more urgent affairs.

Blackwood: Well, I would imagine . . .

Speaker 3: Further we take issue with how the pilots were used at the Nevada base. You had strict orders to ensure they learned nothing of what went on their. San Guinness believes they found out a great deal.

Speaker 1: Blackwood, no more mistakes. No more excuses. We are beginning to doubt your abilities. Do not fail us again. With the Dirge of Dis in our hands soon the Human Transcendence Project shall be complete.

Phase 07

Divided I stand. The events of what happened are just confusing. The first part is the apparent new restaurant Tom is apparently doing. I would have never suspected the old man would have been interested in making a sausage restaurant that gives you food poisoning each trip, God those sausages looked greasy and contaminated. Looks like I did a good thing for the public by placing a turret on the back of his building, though I pray Sub-Commander Valentine does not get drunk as usual and tell Tom what I did, that woman just does not know how to keep important information to herself while drunk. Though of course my Pilots do not care that it is not only me who is getting drunk, they just like to find every fault available that they can harness against me in some stupid way to criticize me. They do not understand the loss I had, nor the images that keep replaying in my head. It is a miracle I have been able to mask them so well so far.

However Valentine might still be of use to me. Though we had a “troubled” past, I seem to somehow to be taking a liking to her. If I can just gain her trust and possible relationship, I can finally be able to possibly find out more information about what is going on, she is a sub-commander and she cannot be as naive as she is pretending to me. She must have more information from Commander Algernon Blackwood then she is letting on.

More pressing matters are preoccupying my mind now though. It appears that Dr. Faust had infiltrated our penthouse, and was assisted by the idiot Maximillian and depressed and deceived dog Alphonse. I do not care about Maximillian, however I do still care about Alphonse. He has many good abilities and is currently preoccupying Xavier, who does not want anyone to beat his precious little record in the simulations that he holds in such high esteem. Alphonse though will get another interrogation by me though when he returns.

Next is Wallace. He really impressed me with his defeat of Σκύλλα. His use of the Kraznikov Tube saved me much resources and much excuses when he made a worm hole that forced that slimy eel into the turret at Tom’s Tavern. His actions today was genius I must admit, and is quite commendable. However that does not excuse what I learned today, in that “Storage Closet” with Faust. I do not know what to think of it, though it shall be our little secret for a while.

However darkness has truly descended upon Boston 02. I learned today before the assault of the Command Bridge during the fight with The Fifth that the The Wrath of the Gods had huge forces garrisoned in the city. We found this out after Valentine, Wallace, and I went undercover based on a note addressed to Faust we found in the Penthouse involving an exchange of a briefcase in the middle of the night. During this operation, we found a huge warehouse where many WOTG were hiding and Faust himself was there. Faust was quite aggressive and seemed psychotic, though after we shot an RPG at the warehouse he tried to run, though i managed to blow off his leg with a burst of rounds from my uzi- thank you Jaspers. He still managed to evade us, rolling into the harbor and somehow swimming, even though i had just blown off his leg. However my confusion grows based on these new " The Faust Letters "which indicate a rival that I never heard of when I was apparently the head of the WOTG- Charon. It also seems that Faust is over 100 years old! That dog apparently was a Nazi scientist during WW2, experimenting on Jews in the Concentration Camps! His letters appear to credit “HIM” with his apparently immortality. Faust also seemed to be different after I shot his leg off. During the Storage Closet incident, he appeared and seemed perfectly fine! He had no sign of a limp or any type of pain/ trouble walking! To make matters even more baffling, he seemed perfectly sane! He no longer seemed psychopathic and went on about some sort of “accepting a voice”.

This brings me to my last point. Faust’s Letters indicates he knew my Grandfather, who i never knew. Apparently he was brought into the WOTG by my grandfather Alexander Palamara. I never knew of my grandfather or his name. I also did not know he was a leader of the WOTG and that he heard this “voice”. However if my grandfather was this powerful, it is possible that my parents are still alive, and if they arent, Faust might have knowledge on who they are and may be able to explain this “voice” that apparently my family has been hearing for generations. I have never heard this “voice” and Faust unfortunately is my only hope in understand what this is- unless I find Charon….who I think I might have a lead to….

Phase 05

Loyalty and service. That is what I grew up learning about. I no longer know where to turn. After the arrival of that utterly useless Maximilian from the Berlin squad, I now know that I need to rely on more people than Blackwood to get information about what is going on. Especially after the events of today. After setting up some new links, I took a good old drink at the pub, Tom’s special brew can really ease the stress of a long day.

The next day I was forced to go to Helios’ new creation, the Jet Alone project. Of course I was half asleep, this really did not look as superior as Sanguine’s Titan program, just taller. Neil McLaren, the head of Helios then began the test program, demonstrating the true potential of the Jet Alone program. Truly it wasn’t superior to Sanguine’s due to the clear overload and malfunction of the Jet Alone program. Immediately Sanguine’s Titans were called in to play and deployment began immediately. My Pilots immediately began to subdue the Jet Alone, truly a worthless piece of technology. However I was in for a huge surprise. Over communications, The Wrath of the Gods made their first appearance to me after my capture. Something was not right, seeing as we were a strictly Greek resistance group, bent on restoring the sovereignty of Greece, not global terrorism. To my horror, Dr. Faust has taken over my group, claiming that Sanguine is attempting to ruin the world with some sort of “weapons” stored in Tartarus. Along with this introduction, The Wrath of the Gods deployed troops, including a peculiar fighter plane that resembled a tyrannosaurus rex. After the bombardment of the city, we eventually destroyed the Jet Alone system and neutralized all enemy forces.

To my horror I watched Sammy J. Jackson get deceived by someone posing as Dr. Faust, entering a small van, and get shot dead. My heart grieves for his family, who I will have to inform tomorrow.

Something is definitely not right. First the return of my group as an international organization and the immediate death of Sammy J. Jackson, along with the accusation of Sanguine being corrupt. Why would my own group fight to kill Sanguine, who is part of the UN whose sole mission is to unite and protect the human race? We only fought for the control of Greece, not a suicide mission to destroy the UN. What was the purpose of assassinating Sammy J. Jackson? Finally what shall happen to me? I must make my decision soon, but for now my trust has been broken. Commander Algernon Blackwood will have a ton of explaining to do as soon as I find him. I shall have my knowledge, no one plays games with me. Either way I shall find out what Sanguine is hiding, even if it means me taking over The Wrath of the Gods once more!

Phase 04
The King in Yellow

Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink beneath the lake
The shadows lengthen
In Boston

Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies
But stranger still is
Lost Boston

Songs that the Hyades shall sing
Where flap the tatters of the King,
Must die unheard in
Dim Boston

Song of my soul, my voice is dead;
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
Shall dry and die in
Lost Boston


Found by Section 02 agents scrawled in blood across the wall of Sammy J. Jackson’s room one day after his death
Phase 03
The Dirge of Dis / Siren's Song

The mission started out as per the protocol with me and the other pilots working on the simulations and other necessary tasks. Things began seeming out of place once I started seeing a figure in my peripheral vision whilst in the simulator, as well as hearing strange blaring phrases over the intercom of the U.S.S. Oppenheimer. I began to investigate and I learnt Dr. Faust was supposedly committing grisly experiments of some sort near the engine room. I went to investigate these rumours and found a hollow space near the engine room with a horrific assortment of dismembered bodies laying about. After I investigated the scene Xavier found me in the engine room and that was when a horrible shrieking noise came over the intercom and everything went to hell.

We proceeded to don protective equipment and armaments from the engine room as we decided that we should be protected from whoever or whatever could cause the literally maddening cackling and moaning noise being broadcasted over the ship’s intercom. As this happened crew members around us were killing each other left, right and center. We cleared anything away with appropriate means of force and rendezvoused with our fellow Sanguine operatives. After meeting resistance in the hallways by crewmen Xavier and I finally met up with Jaspers, Sammy and the inebriated, injured Demitrious. Jaspers proved himself quite capable as we cleared the hallways towards the objective of the Titan Calamity which was aboard the ship.

Upon reaching Calamity we found a horde of mad men surrounding the Titan. Some of us fired on the binding holding Calamity whilst the rest of us made a distraction as Xavier plugged into his Titan. After plugging into his Titan Xavier used an AT power to subdue the entire group of mad men on the outside of the ship. After subduing them we proceeded to the bridge where we encountered an abomination of seemingly randomly placed body parts of four different women. This abomination screamed and moaned and made horrific sounds while simultaneously attacking us. We quickly subdued it with gatling and gun fire and launched it out of the Oppenheimer’s bridge to land on the deck below. After the threat was over Xavier retrieved the Dirge of Dis and our mission was over. However, Dr. Faust was unable to be found after the incident even though many pilots including me searched for him.

Phase 02
The Beautiful Game

The following was recorded in a storage room, deep inside Sanguine’s Boston-02 base:

The sound of a metal door skidding open followed by footsteps entering the room. A high pitched whine cuts out all other sound, followed by a synthetically distorted voice speaking in a thick Eastern European accent

Speaker 1: Blackwood, congratulations on the defeat of the Second and Third. Your promises regarding the abilities of the new pilots and operations director appear to have been made in good faith.

Blackwood: My thanks for your praise.

A third speaker, whose feminine voice is distorted in the same way as the first, interjects

Speaker 3: However we must question the cost of your victories. You are billions of dollars over budget. The repair costs to the Titans and the city along with the development costs for Unit-00 are staggering. It leads us to ask whether you are utilizing resources effectively.

Blackwood: I assure you that the costs are necessary for victory.

Speaker 3: You are far to confident in your answer, Blackwood. Representatives from the Helios Corporation seem to disagree. In fact they promise us that their new Jet Alone autonomous robotic unit will be able to defeat Furies at half the cost in damages.

Blackwood: I am afraid I do not share your optimism for Helios’ project. Besides progress is moving on schedule with the Titan project, soon their full potential shall be unleashed and the Furies will be a threat no more.

Speaker 1: That is another problem, Blackwood, we feel you are devoting too much time and money to the Titans. The Human Transcendence Project. That should be your main concern. You are falling behind schedule, and if you do not hasten its completion we will be forced to hand over the responsibility for defeating the Furies to Helios.

Blackwood: Once again their Jet Alone unit is unproven. Besides a fully mechanical unit can’t raise an A.T. Field.

Speaker 3: However there is no risk of a mechanical unit going out of control. Didn’t you lose control of Unit-07 in the last battle? On top of that wasn’t the biological nature of the Titans revealed to the pilots. These are things you promised would not pass.

Speaker 1: Enough. Blackwood, get the Human Transcendence Project on track, and ensure no more is revealed to the pilots. Do not fail us again.

Phase 01
Fury Fight

Journal Entry Number 536:

I have successfully recovered the tape from the ventilation shaft, much of the conversation is inaudible due to static, but it still proves my suspicions: Sanguine is not just another branch of the U.N. military, it exists for some other purpose. Possibly beyond countering our plans.

This much is obvious from the cast of characters they have assembled to defend “mankind’s future”. Like they can prevent HIS inevitable triumph!!! Just look at the miserable specimens they have gathered to combat HIS heralds; an untrained civilian who flees at the first sniff of combat, a hyper-aggressive Germanic depressive and a lapdog who has already murdered two of his comrades! Even the commander is incompetent, sacrificing whole divisions to The Second for no tactical gain. If Valentine hadn’t weakened Λιμός with the nuclear warhead, surely I would have been able to advance HIS plan.

None the less, the Greek does show promise. The fact he recognized the symbol shows he may know just enough to be swayed, certainly that he is not fully loyal to Sanguine. I need an accomplice, one with a higher security clearance, to fulfill my task. The Captain will make an excellent cats paw. Not that The Third won’t wipe Sanguine out, given the pilots last performance.

It still amuses me to ruminate on their lucky victory. They started the battle with the clear advantage of having The Second weakened from a nuclear strike (damn that Valentine!). Obviously their advantage whas squandered when Jackson charged in without support and was predictably neutralized with one strike of The Second’s mighty arm. Hilariously Wallace then proceeded to put up a A.T. Barrier to cover Jackson’s flight, only to have Schriber unload an entire clip right into it! Palamara then ordered his submarines to encase Λιμός in Bakelite, with the obvious consequence of having them killed soon after. Meanwhile the two pilots showed off their non-existent teamwork by allowing Schriber to re-engage The Second in melee leavening Wallace nothing to do but neutralize it’s A.T. Field and pray his bullets didn’t hit Unit-03 (which they of course did). Just when it appeared that the team couldn’t get more uncoordinated, Palamara launched bombing runs centered on both Unit-03 and Λιμός. Our triumph seemed assured until Jackson pulled off that miracle shot. But this was just the first round, and we have a secret weapon. One inside Sanguine’s Boston-02 base right now.

We have ME

Phase 00

The following was found in a ventilation shaft deep inside Sanguine’s Boston-02 base:

Static, and then what sounds like a muffled voice speaking in a harsh tone. The voice is distorted by some sort of computer program, but a gruff Eastern European accent is still detectable

Speaker 1 – . . . worried about your progress, after the incident last mo. . . concerned with your ability to keep the project on schedule.

The hum of an industrial sized fan is audible in the background, as well as some murmurs of what seems like others agreeing with the speakers statement, static continues to cut in and out of the recording

Speaker 2 – I can assure you and the council that the pilots deaths due to . . .per the plan.

The second speakers voice is softer, at times so quite as to be hardly detectable over the droning of the ventilation fan

Speaker 1 – Excuse me if my faith is a bit lacking in your promises after your . . . you have found replacement pilots before The Second’s arrival?

Speaker 2 – We only need two replacements, Xavier Wallace is still usable.

Speaker 1- The report said he died.

Speaker 2 – He did, in a manner of speaking, how. . .

Audible gasps are heard, a third speaker, whose feminine voice has been distorted in a way similar to the firsts, speaks up

Speaker 3 – God save us for what you’ve done, co. . .

Speaker 1 – How could you keep this secret from us!?

Speaker 2 – It has been done and s. . .

Speaker 1 – Never the less the prophecy forewarns of The Second’s arriv. . . the others?

Speaker 2 – The first is Alphonse Schriber, a graduate of our own Neo-Spartan program. What makes him interesting is the fact that his mother . . . the second is one Sammy J. Jackson, a civilian. We refrained recruiting him in the past due t. . . but when his wife . . .

Speaker 3 – It is unfortunate we could not have saved the original pilots, but these may do. Have you found a competent commander?

Speaker 2 – Yes, a rather sk. . . resistance leader, Demitrious Palamara, I had the pleasure of interviewing him myself. It would seem our own Sub-Commander Valentine was bested by him dur. . .

Speaker 3 – They will have to do then. Remember they cannot be allowed to know the truth of matters. Our entire plan rests upon it.

Speaker 1 – Do not fail us . . .th your neck . . .

Static floods out all remaining conversation and then the recording stops


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