Demitrious Palamara

Whatever the costs, victory shall be ensured!


Background: Impact Survivor
Nationality: Greek
Class: Operations Director
Rank: Colonel

WS: 24
BS: 47
S: 23
T: 34
Ag: 45
Int: 41
Per: 48
WP: 29
Fel: 43
SR: 0
Simple Training in Fel
Intermediate Training in Agility
Simple Training in Intelligence
Intermediate Training in BS
Trained Per
Skills: Carouse, Command +20, Common Lore (Second Impact), Common Lore (War) + 10, Concealment +20, Deceive +20, Dodge +20, Literacy, Scholastic Lore (Tactics) + 10, Scholastic Lore (Furies), Scrutiny , Search +20, Silent Move +20, Speak Language (English), Speak Language (Greek), Tech-Use +20, Computer Use +20, Interrogation, Shadowing, Drive,
Talents: Requisition Support (7): Raises number of conventional forces by (x)
Used 2 Skill Training and 2 Skill Proficiency.

Shotgun: 1d10+4 Scatter

  • * Absolute Order:** The Operation’s Director pulls rank on a Pilot, who is more afraid of you than anything else that could happen to them. By spending a Fate Point, the Operation’s Director may be treated as if they had rolled a 01 on a command test against one person of their choice. In a similar move, they may choose to Burn a Fate Point to give a command to a Pilot, who then must comply as competently as possible, regardless of the PC’s feelings or any other abilities that might come into play. If the character’s player completely refuses to comply after the Fate Burn, the Operations Director does not lose a fate point…but the character that refused the order does.
  • Precision Targeting:** Choose one ally to feed carefully plotted targeted data as a half action designed to take advantage of a weak point in the enemy’s armour. The Titan may ignore half of the target of it’s next attack’s AP
  • * Martial Training:** Precise Blow, Mighty Shot

Death Before Dishonour: As a half action, you may choose one Pilot that has failed a Test to resist Fear and Test Command. On a success, you manage to coerce the pilot into fighting through his fear, and at the start of his next turn the pilot is treated as having snapped out of his fear, but the effects that cannot be overcome this way remain. This talent does not work on any pilot that is unconscious.

Foster Teamwork: Wallace gets a free skill essentially from his tree or Alphonse

As Foretold: Able to role a Scholastic Lore (Furies) check with a -20 to gain a useful hint about a fury. Cannot be utilized until encounter with the fury

Promote Assistant: Now gains 1 FP free per round during Fury fight

Like a Boss:You are head of Sanguine’s Department of Operations for a reason. Don’t let anyone forget it.
-Jesus Christ he has a gun: Gain a +5 to BS. You may force any viable target of Command to Test Pinning just by using the Aim action on them
-Take Charge: Gain a +5 to Agility. Your initiative is always 1 higher than the highest initiative rolled by a fellow player. If this is somehow in competition with another person, highest agility score wins.

Peer: +10 fellowship checks towards Sanguine personnel.

Tactical Genius: Through the use of well-planned tactical advice, an Operations Director can guide the pilots under his command to victory. By spending a fate point, an Operations Director can add one degree of success to a pilot’s roll, or cause them to reroll a failed Test. However, in the event of a reroll the pilot must accept the result of the new roll, even if it is worse than the first.

Remote Care: The Pilot’s plug suit is much more than a simply interface unit for the Titan, it also provides the wearer some protection and allows monitoring of the Pilot’s health while in the entry plug. In case of emergency, the plug suit may also be used to apply basic medical services via remote, such as tightening a tourniquet or applying electrical shocks.
By spending a Fate Point as a half action, an Operations Director can remotely activate a medical system (immediately stopping blood loss in one pilot, ending the duration of the “stunned” status effect on one Pilot, or by removing all levels of fatigue from one Pilot) as long as the said Pilot is wearing their plug suit and within the entry plug.

Cut Synch: Maintaining a pilot’s Synchronization with its Titan is both complicated and dangerous. Under stress the Pilot’s Synchronization Ratio can spike and dip erratically, risking harm to the pilot’s mental state. While the Entry Plug, Plugsuit, and A10 Nerve Clips already contain all the Synchronization boosting technology currently available to Sanguine, the Entry Plug may also be triggered remotely to cut back that Synch Ratio to a more manageable level in case of emergency.
The Operations Director may, as a reaction action, order the Synch Ratio of a single Pilot cut. This immediately reduces that Pilot’s SR by a number of d10 of the Operation Director’s choice, but never more than 5d10 in a single round. While the restriction might be removed in future rounds, the Synch Ratio will not immediately bounce back that encounter. Synch Disruption can raise or lower it as normal, but only a complete reboot of the Entry Plug can restore the Pilot’s Synch Ratio to normal.
Berserk Titans are immune to this talent.

Plan A: No longer does Absolute order require the use of a Fate Point, however it still takes up an action as normal and can only be used once per round. Note that this only ever applies to the spending of the Fate Point, and never the burning of one.

IOU Research and Development:There is someone who owes the OD a favour, someone who can get things done. In this case the OD chose a one time influx of 1d5+5 research points. This talent can only be used once in the campaign and cannot be purchased again for a second use. The only exception is through the use of “You Owe Me” Talent.

Dummy Plug: Once purchased, all your Titans are considered outfitted with a Dummy Plug. While the OD can activate the Dummy Plug at any time, it is only recommended to be used when a Pilot becomes incapacitated while a Titan remains functional. While the Titan may berserk at this time, it is no means guaranteed, and the Dummy Plug represents a surefire way to get the Titan back in the fray. Activating the Dummy Plug is a free action on the OD’s part, but takes a round to initiate. The Pilot loses control of their Titans and their Talents no longer apply, though any upgrades made to the Titan still do. Instead the Dummy Plug is in control. A Dummy Plug is treated as if the pilot had the following stats:

WS: 35
BS: 35
S: 30
T: 30
AG: 30
Int: 30
Per: 30
WP: 30
Fel: 30
SR: 70
Skills: Awarness(Per) and Dodge(Ag)
Talents: None
Traits: Obedient

You Owe Me x2: Refreshed Research Point

Elite Agent: Effect is same as Contact, but the OD acquires the services of a very skilled individual with combat and investigation training. This individual uses the Section-2 Agent stat line, except that it has +20 Inquiry and Computer Use
In addition to its number use as a contact, the Elite Agent may be put “on assignment”. When put on assignment, the Elite Agent deploys to investigate a single individual, group or event. The Elite Agent then drops off the radar for a period between one week to one month, as determined by the GM and depending on the task at hand.
At the end of this time, the Elite Agent tests Inquiry. On a success, the Elite Agent comes back with useful information on the subject, with additional information based on degrees of success. Should they acquire three or more degrees of success, they come back with secret of some note. On failure,they acquire no information or worthless information. On a failure of two or more degrees of success, the Elite Agent attracted the wrong type of attention and has been…removed. The Elite Agent has been lost forever and may not be replaced. On three or more degrees of failure, the Elite Agent is lost and the OD has been implicated in the process. What happens next is up to the GM, but whoever or whatever was being investigated now knows that the OD was investigating them.

Delegate:Proper leadership requires the use of all available resources. By proper delegation of crucial activities to the rest of your command staff, you can become much more efficient. Once per session you may use one Operations Director talent that normally requires the expenditure of a Fate Point at no cost. Note this is for Talents that require the spending of Fate Points only, not the burning of one.

When Suddenly…: In any situation in which the Operation’s Director’s position has not been openly stated within the last ten minutes in game, and in which a pilot is in danger (whether the Operations Director could be expected to know this or not) the Operations Director may spend a Fate Point to appear within five meters of that pilot instantaneously. It is assumed the OD has been in the area for at least the last minute, and is now just revealing themselves.

Double Agent: One character no matter how much evidence has been secretly working for the OD. The OD may choose one NPC in the room and burn a FP and that NPC is revealed as a double agent. However if this would conflict with the campaign the GM may veto this and the OD does not burn the FP

Traits: Resourceful: When spending a Fate Point add 2 degrees of success onto a roll

  • Prepared for the Worst:* May spend a Fate Point to have a small item (not a weapon) appear on your person
  • Flashbacks:* Instead of being stunned, you suffer the effects of a Hallucinogenic Grenade
  • Loss:* Whenever in a situation wherein someone is in danger of death, you must make a – 10 WP test not to intervene. A – 30 WP test if you know the person.
  • Foe:* The Sub – Commander
    Contact : Colin Rodriguez
    Addiction: Once every 24 hrs you must consume enough alcohol to fail a carouse test or suffer – 10 to BS, Per, Fel and WP
    Short Fuse: When angered, must pass a WP test not to fly into a rage
    Charming: +10 Fel when testing against women
  • Tactician*
  • Troublemaker:* People in authority take a – 20 to coerce you to do anything
    Insanity Points: 8
    Wounds: 21
    Fate Points: 2

Born in Athens, Greece in 1997, Demitrious was 3 years old at the time of Second Impact. During Second Impact, Demitrious’ only memory as an infant was watching his mother and father drown, passing him off to nearby military rescue boat. Demitrious was then adopted into a secret far right wing conservative family. There he was raised as a devout Greek Orthodox along with a view of hatred towards the new government of Greece, eventually joining at age 13 in his step father’s renowned resistance group, The Wrath of the Gods. Using Ancient Greek mythology as signs and banners to rally the people under, the group wanted to restore the glory of Greece during Classical Greek in 500 B.C. After many successful raids against the new UN Greek government, the Greek government enlisted the help of UN special forces to take down The Wrath of the Gods. An operation headed by Sub-Commander Valentine severely weakened the group, killing Demitrious’ step father. During his step father’s final moments, he told Demitrous “fight to restore what was once your birthright!” Saddened and inspired, Demitrious rallied the remaining resistance members and the few leaders, retreating to Mt. Olympus where they set up their new base of operations. Although saving the resistance, the capabilities of the group was weakened. Demitrious at age 25, became head leader of The Wrath of the Gods. Here he was able to gain knowledge of modern tactics and had the talent of a tactical genius of conventional forces. Though severely weakened, Demitrious led many successful campaigns against the UN, his most notable being his assassination of prime leaders in the Greek government, who were high ranking members in the UN as well. Eventually he was captured by none other than Sub-Commander Valentine. Facing execution, Demitrious accepted his fate, until to his surprise, was interviewed by Sanguine Head Commander Algernon Blackwood. There he became Operations Director for Sanguine’s Titan program, to fight a terror far worse than anything he could possibly have expected.

After the incident on the U.S.S. Oppenheimer, Demitrious learned the importance of always carrying a firearm and wearing body armour, especially due to his line of work…

Demitrious Palamara

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