Titan Unit-03 (Vali)


Pilot: Alphonse Schriber
Distinguishing Features: Redacted, Leaper, Reactive Armor, Steel Giant, Twin Soul
Berserk Type: Hunter
Upgrade Points: 5 Biological, 6 Weapon, 7 structural
Upgrades: Biological: Toughness x 2 (+5 Toughness each)(2 BP), Redundant Organs III (3 BP)
Structural: Wing Loadout (Battery III), Entry Plug(HarOS), Armor Enhancement III, Wing Loadout (Integrated Weapon)
Weapons: Helios Pistol(2 WP permanently), 2 M-8 Handcannons (4 WP)
WS Modifier: +0
BS Modifier: +10
S: 30
T: 40
Ag Modifier: 0
SR Modifier: 0

Armour: Head: 9
Body: 12
R. Arm: 9
L. Arm: 9
R. Leg: 9
L. Leg: 9
Wounds: Head: 8
Body: 14
R. Arm: 10
L. Arm: 10
R. Leg: 10
L. Leg: 10

Right Wing Loadout: Integrated Weapon(Helios Pistol), Left Wing Loadout: Battery III

Weapons: Pallet Rifle, Helios Pistol, 2 M-8 Handcannon, *Progressive Knife
– Ag Bonus is doubled for dodging blast effects, -1 FT
– When you take critical damage for the first time In an encounter half the damage but change it to explosive.
– +2AP to all areas, +10 to get hit because of larger size.
A.T. Powers: Deflective Field: Your Deflection equals your A.T.P.
Neutralize: Half Action, Maintain as a Free action, range 20 dam, costs 1 A.T.P., for every A.T.P. spent, lower your targets Deflection by 1. Augmentation is 1 additional point for each additional reduction. By maintaining as a half action you can count all ATP spent as ATS for calculating breach.
Restrict Shot: Free Action, Not maintainable, range 100 dam, costs 3 A.T.P, +2 for every additional reduction. This reduces the collateral caused by the next ranged attack you make. This cannot reduce collateral below zero and can apply to blast and Full Auto attacks. This is however unaffected if the weapons breach exceeds the amount of A.T.P spent on this power( this does not include A.T.S or DOS).
A . T . Ping: No action, costs 1 ATP, Range 100 dam, You sense the presence and location of all other AT fields in the powers range including fields hidden from sight. You may spend an additional 3 ATP to detect human AT fields. For every 2 additional ATP you spend double the range.

Titan Weapon Stats: M-8 Handcannon: Range: 40dam, Class: Pistol, Damage: 1d10+4I, Pen: 2, Br: +2, RoF: s/-/3, Clip: 6, Rld: 1 Half, Special: Compact(in storage wing), Reliable

Helios Pistol: Range: 40dam, Class: Pistol, Damage: 1d10+6E, Pen: 5, Br: 7, RoF: s/-/-, Clip: 2, Rld: 1 Full, Special: Maser(Proven(4)), Compact, Burning, Integrated, Overheats: On a natural roll of 91-100 roll 1d10 on the table. 1-5 the holder must make a toughness test or drop the weapon and the weapon cannot be fired for 1d10 rounds. 6-8 the firer takes 1d102E and must drop the weapon in addition the weapon is too hot to pick up and anyone trying takes 1d10+2E for 1d10 rounds. 9-10 the weapon explodes and anyone within 4 dam takes damage as if they had been hit by the weapon.


Titan Unit-03 (Vali)

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