Xavier Wallace

Lead Pilot - He cannot stand for incompetence.


Background: “Neo-Spartan”
Nationality: American
Class: A.T. Tactician
Rank: Adept
Titan: Titan Unit-00

WS: 29
BS: 31
S: 26
T: 27
Ag: 30
Int: 40
Per: 26
WP: 34
Fel: 25
SR: 70

Common Lore (Tech)
Speak Language (English)
Swim + 10
Tech-Use +20

Total Recall
A.T. Maneuver (Quick Draw)
Quick Spread: May Full Spread your A.T. Field as a Half Action

Compulsive Behavior: If the compulsion is not preformed you take – 10 on all tests
Shy: Take – 20 on Fel tests with those you’ve never met before and in large crowds
Suicidal: Cannot retreat from combat. If ordered to must test WP to do so
Eidetic Memory: Gain Total Recall
Egghead: Gain +10 to any one Int based skill
Mad Skill: Any time you gain Insanity, you may spend a Fate Point. For the next five rounds, you may add half your Insanity to any tests based on one characteristic of your choice. After the five rounds, roll on the Trauma table and add half your Insanity score.

Insanity Points: 0
Wounds: 14
Fate Points: 0
Maximum Ego Barrier: 25
Experience Points Spent: 1000
Advancements Taken: Synch Ratio (Simple), Synch Ratio (Intermediate).


Range; 30, ROF; S/2/-, DMG; 1d10+4 I, Pen; 0, Clip; 12, Reload; Full, Reliable

Xavier Wallace

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