Commander Algernon Blackwood

Commander of Sanguine's Boston-02 Base


As commander of Sanguine’s Boston-02 base of operations, Algernon is responsible not only for the preservation of the city, but of the human race. All searches of Sanguine’s files on the commander turn up few details on his past, besides the fact that he was one of the founding members of Sanguine and was involved in top secret research projects prior to joining. He likes to take a “hands off” style of command, allowing his subordinates to perform their duties as they see fit. Rather he prefers manipulating events from behind the scenes.

It was revealed that Algernon Blackwood .is in fact Signarus Palamara, Demitrious Palamara’s father and a leading member of The Wrath of the Gods. He, along with Dr. Faust infiltrated Sanguine in an attempt to bring about their cult’s apocalyptic plans. After murdering Dr. Oppenheimer, the project manager of Sanguine, Blackwood managed to dupe the Human Transcendence Committee into giving him control of the organisation. From his new position of power Blackwood swiftly betrayed Faust and The Wrath of the Gods, planning to usurp both their and Charon’s plans to his own ends of self apotheosis. To this end he had Fury genes spliced into his own genetic makeup, giving him control of his own A.T. Field. He ultimately planned on manipulating Xavier Wallace to give him unlimited power.

He was ultimately stopped shortly after killing Dr. Curie by Xavier Wallace

Commander Algernon Blackwood

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