Titans are gigantic humanoid war machines, designed by Sanguine to be the ultimate weapon in their fight against the Furies. Armed with powerful shields, known as A.T. Fields, they are practically invulnerable to all other kinds of weapons, up to and including nuclear warheads.

Titans are not without their weaknesses, however, as they require an enormous amount of power to operate. So much so that built in batteries only have enough power to keep the machine running for one minute, after that powering only life support systems. To adequately power the machine long electrical cables, dubbed “Umbilical Cables”, feed electricity into the robot from the nuclear generators located throughout the Sanguine base of operations. The umbilical cable presents a vulnerable target, for if it is severed, the Titan will quickly become helpless.

Much of the massive power requirement is due to the Titans state of the art pilot interface system. The pilots themselves reside in long metallic tubes, termed “Entry Plugs”, that are inserted into the Titans spine upon activation and released upon the cessation of operations. Inside the entry plug pilots, aided by their Nerve Clips and Plugsuits, link their brains directly with the Titans computer, in effect making the machine an extension of their own bodies. To further aid in this process the entry plug is flooded by an orange liquid, termed “LCL” which oxygenates the pilots blood directly and helps conduct the mental linkage. The control that comes with direct mental connection comes at a cost, though, as damage sustained by the machine registers in the pilots brain as injury to their own body, making battle a painful experience.

The units that currently reside in Sanguine’s Boston-02 base are: Titan Unit 00, Titan Unit-03 and Titan Unit-07


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